Hi there!

Since my whole website is in Swedish, I thought I should introduce myself a bit even for you who prefer to read in English. First of all - WELCOME! I am very happy that just you have found my small corner of the world. It sure is small, but oh so lovely!

So, about me then. My name is Moa, I am a freelance illustrator and photographer who would like to fill every day with endless creativity, breathtaking travel adventures, good chocolate, a few cups of coffee, mandatory sofa naps, swedish summer rain, sunny cliffs, mountain views and barefoot days. And a lot of love. Love to my dear friends and family, love to nature, love to art and to everything fantastic that is yet to come!

I started my company Lavli (the name is like a playful Swedish version of the English lovely - I thought it would go well along with my lovely illustrations and loveliest photography clients, wink wink!) as a part time business, which it still is, but for every day it keeps growing bigger and becoming more important to me. My biggest dream is to have this as my full time job - and I work really hard to make it happen. Thanks to each and every one who buys, likes and appreciates my work - I get closer to that dream for every day.

Both my illustration and photography business turns as much to private individuals as to companies. I've let both some of my illustrations and my photographies become printed on high quality fine art paper and sold in my own webshop, my store that is located in the middle of Sundsvall, Sweden and in a few other stores as well.
My webshop is at this time unfortunately not made for orders from outside of Sweden, but if you want to purchase some of my work - just send me an email!

"Everyday beauty can be find in
people with big hearts,
funny Instagram captions
or songs you've listened to for so long you'll 
start to mumble the lyrics in your sleep.

Besides of my prints, I often make custom illustrations for many occasions. I can help you with wedding invitations, thank you cards, birth pictures, all kind of portraits and much more. Just email me about that too, and I would be very happy to help you!
Is your company in need of illustrations, a new logotype or any other kind of design work? I am educated in such things, I love deadlines and my mind cheers when someone says "challenge" (in the terms of pictures, of course. In the football field, not so much.)

I think it all starts with me being both a storyteller, a creator and a person just as obsessed with everything beautiful as I am with the true and real in life. And of course - the fact that I think it mostly is the real things that also are the most beautiful ones! Everyday beauty can be found in people with big hearts, funny Instagram captions or songs you've listened to for so long you'll start to mumble the lyrics in your sleep. 

I'm thrilled that you're still here and I really hope this little swenglish piece of text did not scare you off, that you will take a look around (lucky you, the pictures are not in English!) and later on send me that hello. Thank you, I hope we talk soon! 

"LAVLI is like a playful Swedish version of the English word lovely - I thought it would go well along with my lovely illustrations and my loveliest photography clients"